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Doctor and Patient

Our team is structured to solve complex clinical, surgical and aesthetic cases.

We constantly update ourselves to offer you the most advanced and safest clinical techniques and we make use of external consultants with high specialization, including surgical ones.

We like to successfully solve your clinical and aesthetic cases thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, which allows us to also treat some pathologies such as those related to headaches, joint pain or bruxism that are a consequence of occlusal dysfunctions which in many cases can be solved with an advanced rehabilitation technique in which we specialize.

You can also simply ask us to let you regain the splendor of your teeth with state-of-the-art professional whitening procedures.

In our office, prosthesis and implantology are procedures that we carry out every day with success and with a prompt and complete rehabilitation.

We guarantee our patients the most advanced sterilization and cross-contamination control technology.


Dr. Giorgio Vasotti

Health Director | Dentist


Dr. Giuseppe Vasotti

Dentist | Prosthetics | Rehabilitation


Dr. Michele Jacotti



Dr. Antonella Irrera

Dentist | Orthodontics


Mrs. Elisabetta Impastato

Senior chair assistant


Dr. Angelo Confaloni

Dentist | Planas


Dr. Calogero Di Bella

Dentist | Conservative


Dr. Rosanna Butera

Dental hygienist


Od. Gaetano Somma

Dental technician

IMG_7192 copia.JPG
Pen, notebook, and smartphone on the table

Mrs. Giovanna Giordano

Sig.ra Lorena Temperino 

Chair assistant


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